Civic HX - CVT to Manual Transmission Swap

Saturday, January 12, 2008

4. Installing the manual pedals

This write up is only intended as an overview of converting your CVT Civic to Manual transmission. By reading further, you are agreeing that by attempting to do anything you see here, I am in no way responsible to any damage you cause to your transmission, your car, or yourself. I suggest you purchase a service manual for all the details, such as torque specs & tightening order.
One of the most annoying parts of any auto to manual swap on a civic... the pedals:

I've done them before, removing the whole brake gas pedal assembly by dropping the steering column. I decided to try a short cut this time...

The brake pedal is the only reason you need to remove the entire assembly and drop the column. The clutch pedal is a separate piece. So why not just replace the brake pedal?

Unbolt the brake pedal from the assembly.

It's hard to get pics of this part. But it was tough to remove the brake pedal from under the dash. First pull off the plastic column cover for more room. Then you will have to feel around and use box end wrenches to get to the bolts. It is not easy, but it is possible.

In the end, it would have been almost as easy to remove the whole unit since you get more room to work. Or if you can work in small spaces any you don't feel like taking everything apart, then this way is good for you.

Here are the auto and manual brake pedals. You can see that the auto brake pedal would have been too close to the clutch pedal.

Next install the clutch pedal. Get it in place, and them go back to the engine bay and install the master cyl.

There is not enough room behind the dash to fit the clutch pedal unit over the linkage from the master cyl. so don't try it.

Bolt in the clutch pedal and connect the linkage with a pin you need to buy from the dealership. I didn't have one so I used a nut & bolts for the time being. The PITA now was hooking up this spring:

There was not much room to work with, the clutch switch sensor here is what you will need to wire up if you want to have to push your clutch in before you start your car. I have never used it when doing a manual swap, just don't leave it in gear before you turn the key.

I pulled out the driver side kick panel for a little more room and found a second ECU for the CVT tranny. Keep this.

While you're up under the dash, look for the blue box located up above the pedals. Unplug the harness from it. Remove the box or leave it in.


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