Civic HX - CVT to Manual Transmission Swap

Monday, January 14, 2008

2. Removing the CVT Transmission

This write up is only intended as an overview of converting your CVT Civic to Manual transmission. By reading further, you are agreeing that by attempting to do anything you see here, I am in no way responsible to any damage you cause to your transmission, your car, or yourself. I suggest you purchase a service manual for all the details, such as torque specs & tightening order.
All along the car has been on jackstands. Now you need something solid to put under the engine to support it. I used 2 wheels & some wood. You want something that is going to spread the weight of the motor out over a large surface area, to not put stress on a small part of the oil pan (like a big piece of wood). Whatever you use, make sure it is solid and sturdy.

Next use the floorjack and position it under the tranny to take the weight after you unbolt it.

Unbolt the bracket from the tranny. Remove the Mount from the chassis.

Same for the lower front mount, except you can just remove the bracket if your mount bolts are really rusty (like mine)

Remove all the bolts holding the tranny to the block, there should be 4 on this side.

You may need to pry the tranny away from the block with a big flathead screwdriver.

Pull the tranny away and slowly start to lower the jack. This is not very safe so be careful! The tranny can easily fall off of the jack if it is unbalanced and land on your foot. The CVT 'flywheel' will also be loose and can fall out (seen in pic below)

Here it is. Now you decide if you want to reuse it or swap to a manual.

The CVT tranny is bigger and heaver than the manual.


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