Wheels to Heal 2013

Some of the first toys we played with as a child may have shaped us into who we are today.  If you love cars, as I do, maybe your parents also gave you Hot Wheels cars. If you knew better, as I didn’t, maybe you kept your late 70’s & early 80’s Hot Wheels in the original packaging and your collection is worth a fortune. As most kids, I was not kind to my Hot Wheels.  High speed chases often ended in a crash and when it was time to clean my room, they got tossed into a metal bucket. Years later, I gave them to my younger cousins, who repeated the process.

Wheels to Heal is a local charity carried out by David Flathers of City Mowing. Every Christmas, Hot Wheels cars (in unopened packages) are collected and donated to children spending the holidays in Akron Children’s Hospital. I’ve been donating cars since he started in the mid-2000’s and this year made a public post on Facebook. This Christmas, I was able to give Dave two 55-gal bags full of new Hot Wheels cars, which was 310 total. Special thanks to Mike McMath and the Spencer Car Show for dropping off 50 of the cars that went in those bags.

It was becoming a challenge to walk across the room.

It was becoming a challenge to walk across the room.

Right now, a lot of kids are enjoying racing, crashing & smashing up their Hot Wheels, just as we once did. We will be doing Wheels to Heal in December 2014, so start collecting those cars!

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